Patrizio Paoletti

Man of peace, mentor, influencer and disruptor-coach.
Expert in Personal Development

He encourages the people he meets to go beyond social, personal and cultural stereotypes and prejudice in order to deeply explore their possible self-realization. For more than thirty years, through his “Human Inner Design” program and School of Self-Awareness, he has been proposing innovative experiential training tools, validated by neuroscientific research and international collaborations with scientists, institutes and universities such as the Bar Ilan University of Tel Aviv, the Università La Sapienza of Rome and the Neuroscience Institute of Fondazione Patrizio Paoletti. Patrizio Paoletti.


“The world must realize a new evolutionary phase”


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OMM - the One Minute Meditation

OMM - the Minute Meditation

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A path of awareness to discover who you are and achieve what you wish for in life

A path of awareness to discover who you are and achieve what you wish for in life

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