“What’s Happiness?” A thought about happiness, coming back home from Israel


I have just come back from Israel, where I held a wonderful seminar: OMM Live Make Your Life Extraordinary.

It was amazing to be able to share a new and different vision of life, of things, of people with all my audience (we were in 700!); above all it was wonderful sharing with them this simple idea: if you constantly associate, in your mind, happiness with something that is going to happen, with some external event, with a moment that make you able to turn the page, you will never be happy.

Happiness is not linked to an event. Happiness is independent.

Happiness is a choice that we make inside of us in a clear and determinate way, when we say to ourselves: “Here, now, this moment is my happiness moment”.

Happiness is making this paradigm change in our life, happiness is telling us we have to shift from an instinctive intelligence to a higher, purer, spiritual intelligence.

Only in this way we can become better people, we can become the best ourselves, reachable through my OMM – the One Minute Meditation Method. Thanks to it, we can say “I love myself, before you love me, before the entire world loves me, considers me, pays attention to me, I love myself”.

Loving ourselves above all everything else is an irrepressible strength able to lead us to a real paradigm shift, through which we know what really matters to us and we start to understand that to surf our lives’ sea, we need our sails to be set. Sails in our metaphor are emotions, but they are not enough. We need also a clear objective, that is the helm, hold by the sailor  who has to stay the course.

Emotions are inconstant: sometimes wind doesn’t fill our sails and we can’t surf the sea, so we stay at the mercy of the waves. For this reason, in our lives, we should be focus on making grow those emotions that make the difference, those emotions that help us in overcoming the difficulties and in moving through what we want. 

We have to study our emotions and to tell ourselves which are which are the primary emotions that we want to express. Peace is the most important for me and once again I want to tell you that peace is not the absence of war, it is an inner state of being linked to silence, which is connected to the hearing ability and, then, to the comprehension, to the encounter with the other that allow us to be the Best Ourselves.

We have to focus on being aware, understand and accept our emotions. Not all emotions could be accepted, we have to resist the ones that could not be accepted. Resisting them does not mean pretending that they does not exist; it means move in an other inner place, inside us, in which these emotions have no space, have no nutrition to live, develop and grew.

There are 5 main destructive emotions – hate, attachment, ignorance, pride, jealousy. Each of them has an antidote. For example, hate’s antidote is love, and love should be cultivated. Love is like peace, like joy, like happiness: it has to be choose. And when you choose this antidote, gradually it makes you healthier, it makes you free, it makes newly available abilities that were lost for hate.

Taking distance from destructive emotions is possible. Perseverance and training are the tools to pursue this goal.

My OMM the One Minute Meditation Method is born for this reason. Practicing OMM makes you create an empty space in yourself where you become able to take distance from these toxic poison that are destructive and negative emotions. 

OMM teaches you to remain independent from anything and to take one minute to focus internally with all your strengths and your willingness, with all your attention on the Best Yourself

OMM tecnhique teaches you to say: “Here I am, this is the Best Myself that I can show to the world”. In doing so, you have the certainty that the excellence you show is a model to aim. In this way every day you will be better than the previous one and this improvement would never end.

Choose what is the keyword for the next minute you are going to live. Do it now while you are reading and then, take a deep and slow breathe, see this word in front of you and see in your mind yourself while realizing it. Create this creative visualization, create this prefiguration. Watch yourself as you were in a movie able to express the Best Yourself linked to this keyword.

Now you are ready for your firs OMM minute.

In order to learn more about OMM method, click here.

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