Recently one of my central topic is Your Best Yourself.

What do I mean with these words? To understand it, let’s examine my method OMM – the One Minute Meditation.

OMM is not just a minute of silence in which you listen your breath, it is much more. OMM Method is to narrate to yourself your story in a new way with a proactive and purposeful language whose aim is to support, nurture and motivate yourself everytime you need it. This different point of view, moving from the difficulty to the possibility, let you to see yourself changing  in a changing world.

As you can see from many videos of mine, I always remember to anybody a simple thing: we are all here for a dream.

Man and violence were born together and everyday we are hit from violent messages, that strike and spread fear in our heart, but while all of this happen, in our heart and in our mind we know that we are more than violence.

We are not scared, violent people. We are here for a dream. A dream certified from our willingness to improve ourselves, from our desire to change things.

Indeed, everyone of us wish to be different, to be better. We are not always able to fulfill this desire, but we desire it.

OMM method is born for this reason: it helps us to discover values and emotions that are inside us and that – once met, discovered, understood and reworked – let us free from that mechanic answer that we automatically use (because of stress, negative emotions, tiredness…) in response to some daily strain.

People used to ask me: “How can I improve myself?” 

Answering is simple: you have to start from yourself and, learning to talk with yourself, training yourself to say: 

“I am ok, I believe in myself, I look over the horizon and I say that I can improve myself.

I celebrate the ability, the comprehension, the enlightenment, the intuition. I leave the bind that tie me, I take distance from that chaotic emotional movement that overwhelm me makes me doing something that I don’t want to. I say to myself: “Stop! I interrupt those habits that do not let me expressing My Best Myself that I want to be.”

Everyone of us dreams and tries to reach – every moment, every breath, every day –  that dimension of peace, that is different from absence of war, and that is more similar to an inner state of our being, so powerful to change our life, so real and true that when it is manifested it changes other people’s lifes.

Our problem is that we often focus too much on our limits. That creates a deep frustration that choke us. We just see ourselves as we are now instead of focusing on what we could become, on our inner resources, from which we have to start to manifest another new, better ourselves. Why better? Because he would be more authentic less slave to his conviction and to social habit that he received and automatically interiorized. Because he is free to choose and to discern.

Everyone of us has to face life and understanding it, live it with no fear

We have to to let go fear we feel when other people do not appreciate us – because we are changing – and reject us.

Be focus on your destiny, do not make life steals it from you.

There are three things that make difference in life: peace, orientation and love. Stay focus on where you want to go and be sure that your life is going to lead you there. 

Live everyday full of love, live every day full of hopeless, full of self faith. Take care of others and learn to lead your future to built a new yourself.

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