Prefigure the future Planning and Leadership



The conference about leadership power took place wednesday 10 July  at University La Sapienza di Roma. This event was part of “Prefigure the future” the Patrizio Paoletti Foundation’s educational project, born in 2016 to promote resilience, hope and planning in Marche community hit by the earthquake.

The project object is to provide new instruments and techniques for change. These are lessons where the speaker exposes a personal and professional retraining. Indeed, the purpose is to make people, enviroment and contexts stronger in order to predict, prevent and prepare to change.

The topic of the meeting was Planning and Leadership, process that transform the uncertainty discomfort in willingness and action: that’s what we deserve to create our Destiny.

Patrizio e la plateo di Mendrisio
Patrizio and La Sapienza University audience

Audience at the event was really numerous. Among them there were a lot of young students whose desire was to known secrets of internal and external communication and to understand the real attitudes that a leader must develop. The conference was the mean to provide them tools and ideas useful to convert the uncertainty in the future they desire, thanks to the narration of planning and leadership models.

Patrizio Paoletti, during his conference, took inspiration from successful men and women, people who were brave enough to make things happen. He states that these models could inspire everyone to make a new personal storytelling.

It was a really unique experience to become stronger and to face changes in life in a more positive way. Five more meeting and three webinar of “Prefigure the Future”, with Patrizio Paoletti, are coming soon.

If you would like to participate, click here.

L’obiettivo del progetto è fornire nuovi strumenti e tecniche per il cambiamento. Sono lezioni nelle quali si affronta un percorso di riqualificazione personale, oltre che professionale. 

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