MEANING PERSPECTIVE AND RESEARCH – A research about young and work lead by Paoletti Foundation


“Question about take care of our inner world became an urgent need not only for young people but also for adults one who prepare young people to the world and create adequate environment and condition at a social and economic level.

The aim of those who work to provide tools for change is to transform disorientation and uncertainty in a deeper search of meaning and of sense of live. Indeed, the awareness of  own inner aspirations and meaningful question is what provide to young people the opportunity to change in a changing world creating new life and changing rules.”

This is just part of Patrizio Paolettis’ speech to the Sapienza University where he presented Paoletti Fondation’s research “Young and work: perspective and meaning research” led on a champion made of one hundred Italian young, aged from 18 to 34, who had to answer to 6 questions about their relationship with work, politics, self-fulfillment desire and life meaning linked to their professional future.

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